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How to Make a Geth Pulse Rifle out of EVA Foam:Part 2 - Foam Sandwiches

Wow! Where does all the time go?! As usual, this little project seemed to drag on a bit. The problem is that I have neither spare time nor money to do half of the things I want to. Yes! That includes strippers. Be it guns, or strippers, Mrs V likes to keep me occupied around the house so I don't have time for other stuff. But with the arrival of ComicCon at Port Solent, Portsmouth recently, I had an incentive to get this finished in time for the big day. This was my first "deadlined" project and to honest, this did not sit well with my no budget, no time life. I ended up cutting a lot of corners and adopting an "it will have to do" attitude as the build progressed. That being said, I ended up 74.8% happy with how it eventually turned out. So. Without further comment, just HOW did this build progress from where we left off? My first step was to produce a thin MDF template from something like a 3mm sheet. Onto this, I offered up a number of layers of EVA

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